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Usume elukestvasse õppesse. Pakume teoreetilisi ja praktilisi kursusi erinevates eluvaldkondades.

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Estonia pst 5a
630 6508  ∕  5690 1707

Vene tn 6
5887 7165

Telliskivi 56
6733 965  ∕  5330 3390


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Principles of the organisation of studies

Duration of training

  • The volume of training is measured in academic hours. One academic hour corresponds to 45 minutes. Courses usually last 2–3 academic hours at a time. The duration of training varies from a few hours to several months.
  • The volume of physical activity courses and hobby trainings that continue throughout the academic year is measured in astronomical hours of 60 minutes. As a rule, hobby trainings start in September and end in May, and it is possible to join the groups throughout the year.

Registering for training

  • To participate in a training or hobby group, you must register in advance via our website.
  • When registering for a course, you will be directed to Tallinn’s e‑services portal. There you can fill in the registration form and choose the method of payment. Payment can be made via a bank link, or you can order an invoice to your name or company.

Detailed instructions on the registration and payment in Tallinn’s e-services portal

  • The personal data required for registration (name, telephone, e-mail address) shall not be disclosed. The participant of the training confirms upon registration that (s)he has read and agrees to the principles of the organisation of studies of Tallinn Folk High School.
  • The study group is formed based on the order of registration for the training, and registration is open until the group is full. Once the group is full, you will be included in the waiting list, and if a place becomes available on the main list, we will contact you.

Tuition fees

  • After registration in Tallinn’s e-services portal, it is possible to pay for the training immediately via a bank link or later on the basis of an e‑invoice issued by Tallinn City Office financial services. The invoice must generally be paid within 2 weeks.
  • You can pay in cash at our Estonia pst 5a and Telliskivi 56 offices on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. You cannot pay by bank card on site.
  • You have the right to participate in the training only if you have paid the tuition fee by the prescribed deadline. Otherwise, your registration will be cancelled.
  • No VAT is added to the tuition fee, and invoices are also issued to legal persons.
  • Before the start of the course, we will send you a reminder by e-mail, where we will also inform you about the things you need for your first class, etc.

Changes in the training schedule

  • Tallinn Folk High School has the right to make changes to the training schedule.
  • If a training is postponed or cancelled, we will inform the registrants as soon as possible, usually a few days before the start of the training.
  • In case of a cancelled training, the tuition fee will be refunded to you.

Quitting training and reimbursement of tuition fees

  • If you are unable to participate in the training you have registered for, please inform the training manager as soon as possible. If you logged in when registering for a course, you can also cancel your participation by logging in to, but only if you have not yet paid for the course.
  • The tuition fee will not be refunded if you fail to notify us of non-participation or do it less than 5 working days before the start of the Later claims will be accepted only by way of exception.
  • Discounts and exemptions from tuition fees are generally not granted.

Completing a course

  • Tallinn Folk High School will issue upon request a diploma or certificate to all those who have completed a training.
  • A diploma is issued to participants who have achieved the objectives listed in the study outcomes.
  • A certificate is issued to participants who have not achieved the objectives listed in the study outcomes. A certificate is also issued to participants whose command of skills listed in the study outcomes was not assessed.
  • The works of participants in art courses are stored for up to 6 months after the end of the course.

Personal data

  • The personal data of training participants shall be used only for the purpose of carrying out the training. The data are used to send organisational and study-related information, invoices for tuition and documents confirming participation in or completion of trainings.
  • If you have given your consent, your data will also be used for marketing communications. Consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Income tax refund

  • Tuition fees paid for language courses at Tallinn Folk High School can be shown in the income tax return as a training expense, of which 20% will be refunded in accordance with the Income Tax Act ( 26(2¹)). The income tax refund does not apply to other trainings.

Quality assurance principles of Tallinn Folk High School.